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Why Us?

About Us

In 2011, we decided decided that ACT Prep and tutoring shouldn’t be the worst things about high school. So we set out to offer help to students in a way that they enjoy, at least a little. We get it - prepping for the ACT and getting tutored after school is not how you want to spend your time. Failing classes and having to pay full price for college since you didn’t earn a scholarship because of your ACT score - yeah, not fun either, so you need to make sure you have good grades and an awesome ACT score if you plan on going to college. How do you get good grades and an awesome ACT score? This is where we come in.


What We Do

Simply put - we help students become better students. Some of our students have low ACT scores, and some are on the brink of failing a class (which we’re working to fix). Some of our other students have good grades and great ACT scores (like high-20s/low 30s). What our students all have in common is that they want to become better students. We help kids earn higher ACT scores, plan for college, and get better grades. We even try to make it as fun as possible (don’t hold your breath for entertaining ACT English, though).


How We Do What We Do

We start by having a staff of awesome instructors who love teaching, and we choose instructors based on ability - not credentials. Have a Masters Degree in math? Great! You can teach with us, right after you:


          • pass a background check

          • score really well on a skills assessment

          • prove you can explain math in a way high-school students can understand

          • show us you’re a friendly person


Do all that, and you can teach with us.


While you are enrolled with us, we keep in touch. We check in with you after sessions just to make sure everything is going OK. In the rare event that your session is not up to par, you have nothing to worry about because we guarantee our students’ satisfaction.


Our Guarantee

If you’re unhappy with a class or session, just let us know. We’ll give you a makeup session for free. What if your ACT score doesn’t improve? Let us know. We’ll schedule some sessions for you on us to try and bring that score up. We want your score or grades to improve because it’s our job, and we look bad if we don’t do our job. All we ask is that you do your part (studying, come to class, etc.) and work with us to boost your scores.