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Summer Programs

School’s out…but don’t let your brain relax too much! This summer, dive in to a summer program at ScorePlus! There’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a parent with a small child or a high school student getting ready for college, ScorePlus has a summer program that will fit your needs.


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It took you a whole year to learn what you know now, so forgetting it would just be a waste! It’s very important to maintain what you learned in school so you won’t forget it or fall behind when school starts in August. ScorePlus will help you stay sharp on the material you learned in school, and will also help you advance your knowledge so you’ll be well prepared and ahead of the class when school starts back.

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ScorePlus summer programs are fun and interactive academic camps that meet the needs of various age groups. You can learn with other students your own age. In addition to meeting new people and making friends, you will stay fresh on past material and develop new skills!