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Speed Reading

Grade Range: Middle school – High school
Requirements: At or above grade level ability in reading

Wouldn’t you like to increase your reading speed so you can spend less time on homework or studying for tests, and spend more time on activities you enjoy?

Our Speed Reading course will help you increase your reading speed while improving your overall comprehension and memory. The practical time-management skills and skimming strategies taught in our course will help you perform better on timed, standardized tests, such as the ACT and SAT.

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When we learn to read as children, we read word by word (Think “See…Spot…Run.”) As we get older, sentences become longer and much more complex. Some people develop habits and techniques that improve their reading speed, while others remain reading long, complicated text word by word. They will often whisper the words or move their mouths while reading, which causes them to read much more slowly than needed.

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Much of the information in text can be categorized as “filler” (words that make up a sentence but add no meaning to it). Our Speed Reading course teaches you skimming techniques that allow you to recognize and read only the necessary information so you can perform better on timed tests.

Improving your reading speed provides benefits beyond test-taking. It improves the ability to retain information, and makes studying more efficient and stress-free. It is a skill that will benefit you for life!

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Since reading involves the muscles of the eye, we teach Speed Reading using techniques that retrain the eyes to make more efficient use of your peripheral vision. Our Speed Reading course provides eye exercise training and practices (both in class and at home). We teach reading/skimming strategies and offer comprehension and speed tests throughout the course so you can see the progress you’re making!