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School Services

Students4bWant better results for your school or classroom? You have come to the right place. ScorePlus can help your school maximize its students’ results by helping with curriculum development, academic planning, and professional development for your instructional staff. We can provide onsite academic instruction as well as supplemental programs for students who need that extra boost. Whatever your school’s needs are, ScorePlus can develop a customized solution to help your students become the best that they can be.



With competitive standards on the rise, your students need every advantage possible. Budget cuts and increasing responsibilities can make it tough for your school to provide the type of test prep your students need. Private test prep and lengthy online prep courses can be time consuming as well as too expensive for many of your students. Your school needs affordable, flexible, and effective test prep to ensure the success of your students.



With ScorePlus, your school can combine the convenience and affordability of group prep with the individualized focus of private coaching. By assessing the abilities of your students before our courses begin, ScorePlus is able to offer unique courses designed specifically for the unique learning needs and goals of your students.


ScorePlus is more than just test prep. We are a full-service learning solution. College planning, financial aid seminars, and academic coaching workshops are only a few of the other services we can provide to your students. If your school is ready to partner with a company that provides services as unique as your students are, give ScorePlus a call.
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