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PSAT® Preparation

College-bound students have the opportunity to work with ScorePlus to achieve recognition and funding by preparing for the PSAT®. The National Merit Scholarship Corporation will award scholarship funding to students who excel on this examination. Advanced preparation will be the key that sets apart students who receive this prestigious award.

ScorePlus will work with students in the three principal areas covered on this exam: Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing Skills. Having great vocabulary and analytical reasoning skills is essential to success. Because the PSAT® is only offered in October, preparation for the test should begin in late summer or early fall. Typically, students in their junior year of high school will be considered for awards. Our team of qualified instructors will work with your student to achieve great results on this exam!


"PSAT® is a registered trademark of The College Board, Inc., which neither produces nor endorses products shown here.  In addition, the National Merit Scholarship Corporation neither produces nor endorses services shown here."