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Making the Move: From High School to College

Making the Move: High School to College

A student’s freshman year in college is an exciting time. New friends, new subjects, and new challenges all await students as they make the move from high school into college. Freshman will experience new levels of freedom, which requires students to take on many new responsibilities. To add to the pressure, students who have academic scholarships must maintain a minimum GPA to keep their scholarships. With so many new challenges facing students, it is important that students understand what to expect and how to handle the new world of college to ensure that they have an enjoyable and memorable freshman year.

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Start Your Summer Success

Staying engaged over the summer doesn’t mean that you have to read textbooks and work math problems all summer.If you like to read, choose a couple of longer novels that you can read over the summer. If reading isn’t your thing, maybe learning to play an instrument or taking a summer course at your local college is right for you. Anything that makes you think and put forth at least a little bit of effort this summer can go a long way in helping you succeed when school arrives this fall. Regardless of how you choose to stay engaged this summer, the key is that you do something and do it consistently.

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Staying Sharp This Summer

Summer is a great time for fun and some freedom from the busy schedules and activities that keep you busy during the school year. Unfortunately, it is also easy to forget some important things you have learned in school during your summer break. To help your mind stay sharp, here are a few tips to help you stay on track during the summer:

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