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Be ProACTive!

The ACT is an important test in every high school student’s life. Your score can determine whether or not you receive scholarships, are admitted into the college of your choice, and if you will qualify for academic achievement awards. Your ACT score can mean so much to your future, so what can you do to make sure your score is the best it can be? The answer is simple: be proactive!

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Summer Learning Loss

You’ve heard it time and time again. It’s all over the news this time of year. Like ragweed attacks your allergies, the threat of summer learning loss for students has shown its ugly face again. What exactly is this seasonal hazard that has everyone talking?

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ACT Boot Camp

ACT Boot Camp at ScorePlus

Attention Students! This summer, raise your ACT test score higher than ever with our ACT Boot Camp summer program. Everybody jump into this intense week of serious test training.

15 hours. 5 days. 1 week. This Boot Camp covers all areas of the ACT.

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Learning Made Personal

By: Jordan Amerson, ScorePlus Instructor

ScorePlus promotes that their services are “personalized for every student.” This isn’t just a marketing ploy; at ScorePlus, this is a promise. I can say this honestly because I work at ScorePlus as an instructor. Not only have I worked to keep this promise, but I work alongside other instructors who do the same every day. At ScorePlus, we take the time to get to know all of our students on a personal level and learn how they work best. This cannot be done using a cookie cutter method of instruction. In order for students to best interact with someone who is teaching them, they must first feel comfortable not only with their surroundings but also with their instructor. I can say with confidence that at ScorePlus we know our students by name when they walk in the door. We talk to them about school, their academic struggles, and develop a plan for their success.

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Dont Let the Test Sneak Up On You

The September ACT Test date is only 7 weeks away from this Saturday! Don’t let the test sneak up on you. Start studying now, and even get into the routine of waking up on Saturday mornings to do practice tests. If your mind is used to doing ACT tests early on Saturday mornings, your mind will be much sharper when you take the real test. Also make sure that you take a full practice test at some point before you take the actual ACT. Many students score great on small portions of practice work, but they often score much lower on the real test because of mental fatigue. Above all else, make sure you start preparing early to help alleviate all of the test week stress that comes with last-minute studying. Good Luck!

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