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5 Things High School Juniors Should Do Now

The school year is coming to a close, but, for juniors, this summer should be a busy one. This time next year, you’ll be graduating from high school, and then you’ll be heading off to college. Between now and the start of the fall semester, you definitely have some work to do.


1. Take the ACT.

By now, you should have taken the ACT at least once. If you haven’t, sign up for the June ACT. The test is offered again in September and October, so consider taking those test dates if you still need a higher score. Summer is a great time to prep for the ACT, so buy a book, attend an ACT Prep course, or prep with a friend - just do something to prep!


2. Schedule College Visits.

You should never decide on a college you have never visited. Reading about the campus and hearing what others have to say about a school can never compare with experiencing it for yourself. So, this summer, schedule a tour of the schools you are seriously considering. By the end of the summer, you should know which schools are truly viable candidates.


3. Research College Deadlines.

College admissions applications and scholarship applications have deadlines. Depending on when you apply and what you apply for, these deadlines could be as early as October or as late as next June. Be sure you know when everything is due, and, if you can, start working on applications. It never hurts to start early.


4. Find a Job, Volunteer, or Start a Project to Fill Your Summer With.

Colleges want students who have done more than just go to class. A job or community service project will look great on your college applications. If possible, find an activity that relates to your planned major. Want to be a teacher? See if you can work at a daycare this summer. Planning to be a business major? Get a job at a local business. Colleges want more than generic community service hours, so make your summer activities count.


5. Schedule Time for Yourself.

Summer can be hectic, so make sure you remember to leave a little time for relaxation. A slow day every now and then is good for recharging your batteries and keeping everything in perspective.