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How to Guess Correctly on the ACT

Despite all the hours of prep, studying, and hard work you put in to taking the ACT, there will be questions you struggle to answer. Since the ACT does not penalize you for guessing, guess! There are two things you need to know before you make a guess on the ACT.


1. Eliminate as many answer choices as possible. Every section but Math has questions with four answer choices (Math section has five choices), so every answer you can eliminate makes choosing the right answer easier. On the Math section, answers are listed in order of increasing value, so, if you come across a tough problem, you can always “plug in” answer choices, starting with the middle answer. From here, you can move up or down the answer choices until you find the right answer.

2. If you cannot eliminate any answers, always guess the same answer choice. The ACT alternates between answer choices of “A, B, C, D, E” and “F, G, H, J, K”. Choose an answer choice that will be your guess answer (such as “C" and "H”) and stick to this throughout the test. Statistically, you are slightly more likely to guess correctly if you consistently choose the same answer.