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Preparing for College? Get College Ready!

     Start a College List

Talk to teachers and your counselor for advice on finding colleges that suit your interests and needs. Schedule campus visits to the colleges that interest you the most.

     Find 3 Careers That Interest You

Some careers require an associate degree, which you can earn at two-year colleges, while other careers require degrees that you can complete only at four-year colleges. Learn about careers that interest you and find out what type of college education you will need.

     Get the Facts About Paying for College

Most families use a combination of savings, current income, and loans to pay for college. Scholarships and financial aid are available to help students pay for college. Research the different scholarships available to you. Colleges offer a variety of scholarships based on High School academics, ACT scores, and community involvement. Money is available; you just have to look for it!

     Keep a Calendar

Use a calendar to record and track important school events, college fairs, and deadlines. Pay special attention to admission and scholarship deadlines.

     Qualify for Scholarships by Taking the ACT

Take a practice ACT test to gauge where you are academically and then set goals to help you get to where you need to be. Take practice tests, and seek out test prep for the ACT. A higher ACT score could mean thousands of dollars in scholarships.

     Make Your Time in School Count

Colleges look for well-rounded individuals who have proven to be committed and involved students. Look for opportunities to volunteer and get involved. Focus not only on academics, but become an active member of your community.