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Learning Made Personal

By: Jordan Amerson, ScorePlus Instructor

ScorePlus promotes that their services are “personalized for every student.” This isn’t just a marketing ploy; at ScorePlus, this is a promise. I can say this honestly because I work at ScorePlus as an instructor. Not only have I worked to keep this promise, but I work alongside other instructors who do the same every day. At ScorePlus, we take the time to get to know all of our students on a personal level and learn how they work best. This cannot be done using a cookie cutter method of instruction. In order for students to best interact with someone who is teaching them, they must first feel comfortable not only with their surroundings but also with their instructor. I can say with confidence that at ScorePlus we know our students by name when they walk in the door. We talk to them about school, their academic struggles, and develop a plan for their success.

Rather than just telling students how to study and leaving them to it, we try various approaches and strategies to determine which one is the best fit for the student’s unique learning needs. Every student learns differently, and we work to make sure that each and every student receives the individualized instruction that they deserve. In addition to personalizing instruction for the students, we work to keep parents just as informed and reach them on a personal level. After each session, every student leaves with a form stating what was worked on, what will be covered in the next visit, and how the student performed; our office then follows up with parents the next day to make sure their student was pleased with their session.

We work hard to connect with the students we work with and promise to provide the most individualized instruction available. Whether you come to

us wanting to improve your ACT score or boost your grades in school, ScorePlus promises that you will find instructors who will work hard to make sure that each student receives personalized instruction specifically tailored to the their unique needs. That’s Learning Made Personal.