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Start Your Summer Success

Staying engaged over the summer doesn’t mean that you have to read textbooks and work math problems all summer.If you like to read, choose a couple of longer novels that you can read over the summer. If reading isn’t your thing, maybe learning to play an instrument or taking a summer course at your local college is right for you. Anything that makes you think and put forth at least a little bit of effort this summer can go a long way in helping you succeed when school arrives this fall. Regardless of how you choose to stay engaged this summer, the key is that you do something and do it consistently.

Set aside as little as 20 or 30 minutes of time everyday to focus on your activity. If you have to skip a day, then add a little extra time in on other days. With summer underway, just remember: enjoy your summer and make sure you take time to relax, engage your mind, and have a lot of fun! If you plan to take the ACT this fall, join us this summer for one of our Summer Prep Series events. We hope to see you soon!