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Staying Sharp This Summer

Summer is a great time for fun and some freedom from the busy schedules and activities that keep you busy during the school year. Unfortunately, it is also easy to forget some important things you have learned in school during your summer break. To help your mind stay sharp, here are a few tips to help you stay on track during the summer:

  1. Read! The best way to keep your mind engaged over the summer is to read. Most of you have summer reading lists, so those books are definitely a must. But you should also find a book about something you enjoy. If you loved The Hunger Games, go by Books-A-Million and see what else they have in the teen section. If you are into science fiction, find a good science fiction novel to keep you interested. The most important thing about reading is that you do it consistently.
  2. Practice your math skills. When you go shopping or out to eat, try and calculate the total (with tax) in your head before you pay. Play silly math games online or work through some easy problems. Summer isn’t the time for trying to learn new skills, but you need to retain what you learned last year.
  3. Work on your vocabulary. Even if all you do is have a new “word-of-the-day” sent to your phone, try to learn some new words. This will help you prepare for the ACT or SAT, next year’s English course, and college. You can never know too many words.
  4. If you are in high school, start thinking about what college you want to attend. Look at their admission requirements. If they require an essay with your application, go ahead and start working on it. After all, practice makes perfect.